The Long Now is a three piece band from Ithaca, NY, playing instrumental music composed by guitarist Ryan Vanderhoof and arranged with drummer Matt Saccuccimorano and bassist Brian Dozoretz.

The trio formed in early 2019 and quickly amassed a lengthy set of original material that is at it’s core richly melodic, nuanced, diverse in color, form and ‘texture’, while maintaining a thread of spontaneity and creative introspection throughout. Influences range from the innovators of early jazz and 19th century classical music, through and to contemporary voices of today in jazz, classical, rock and popular music.

Ryan Vanderhoof is a former and founding member of experimental rock group Akron/ Family of Young God Records, Brooklyn, NY, with whom he composed five albums of original material and toured the United States, Canada and Europe extensively, performing with bands such as The Flaming Lips, Deerhoof, Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective. Extensive improvisation and subtle songwriting with Akron/Family, combined with training in Robert Fripp’s international ’Guitar Circle’ courses, seven years at a Buddhist commune and a degree in classical guitar come together in Ryan’s compositions that shape the sound of The Long Now.

Drummer Matt Saccuccimorano and bassist Brian Dozoretz have been working together as a rhythm section in a variety of genres for over a decade. Both also being professional recording engineers they are subtly in tune with the craft and nuance of composition, and are constantly seeking fresh and deeper interpretation of the music. Their experiences as both musicians and audio engineers include working with a vast array of artists including Charlie Haden, Dr. John, Plastic Nebraska, Missy Elliot to name just a few. They bring their intuitive insight from years of working together and with other talented musicians to full effect in The Long Now.